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In 1986 our company began with the purchase of a thirty acre site in Depew, NY. We had the vision of becoming a leading producer of tungsten based materials. Buffalo Tungsten now uses the latest furnace and powder classification technologies. Our furnaces change intermediate tungsten materials into pure tungsten powders of up to 99.999% purity. With over 30 years of experience and a sole focus on tungsten powder products we produce high quality materials optimized for a wide range of industries.

Tungsten Powder Manufacturer


Our company desires to provide a first class customer experience, which has helped us to become a leader in the world tungsten market. We maintain a focus on your needs, no matter the size of the order. Buffalo Tungsten can supply large users full truck or container loads that meet high quality standards. We are also happy to work with small and medium sized companies to supply powder for lower volume products. Our commitment to customer satisfaction provides you with the assurance that we will help you in a prompt, professional manner.

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Since our company began producing tungsten powder in 1987 we've been a partner with our customers and not a competitor. Unlike vertically integrated manufacturers, we don't make finished tungsten products. We supply the raw materials that you need to make your products but don't make them ourselves. Our tagline states it simply as "Our Powders. Your Products." This allows us to be focused 100% on helping you improve your products without any conflict of interest. We will go through many iterations of powder testing  until you achieve the results you are looking for. Our only interest is making sure that you are successful by delivering the best possible materials at competitive prices to put you ahead of your competition.

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Our process starts with high grade raw materials sourced from around the world. We purchase tungsten materials such as APT and tungsten oxide from sources in Asia. These materials are also produced from virgin ores and concentrate or tungsten scrap in our facility. This allows our company's supply chain to be independent of China if necessary, providing security and stability for our customers.

It is Buffalo Tungsten's official policy not to use any raw materials from the Democratic Republic of Congo, or the surrounding region, that could be considered ‘conflict minerals’ as listed in title XV, section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Niagara Refining Hydrometallurgy Plant


Buffalo Tungsten routinely invests in technology to improve the quality of our materials. Advanced control systems tightly regulate our furnaces to produce consistent results. Powder classification systems and mechanical treatments yield narrow particle size distribution and higher density in our products. State of the art technology allows us to produce materials that are up to 99.999% pure. Our extensive production capabilities allow us to meet the most stringent material specifications.

Screening Station


Our long term relations with our customers allows us to make to stock the products that you regularly order. This results in some of the shortest lead times in the industry. We help you coordinate the logistics necessary to meet your delivery schedule. Buffalo Tungsten supplies certificates of origin and other necessary export documentation for your overseas shipments. Some of our high volume customers warehouse materials on site, allowing them to have just in time inventory and assurance that supply is always close at hand.

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Buffalo Tungsten started in 1987 as a small producer of tungsten powders to supply to a related company in Singapore. Over the years Buffalo Tungsten has expanded production capabilities and developed new product lines. Investment in equipment to make us more efficient has allowed us to continue to offer our powders at a competitive price. Proprietary changes to our processes alllow us to provide better quality and consistency in our finished powders.



Site Purchase

Buffalo Tungsten Railcar
Purchased the site for Buffalo Tungsten from the Erie County Industrial Development Agency and received an allocation of Replacement Power from the New York Power Authority

First Pusher Furnace

First Pusher Furnace
Installed our first pusher furnace manufactured by Elino in Germany and produced our first tungsten powder

Tungsten Carbide Powder

Tungsten Carbide Powder
Completed installation of a new furnace and produced our first tungsten carbide powder

Increasing Production

Installed larger blenders to increase the lot size of our finished blends

New Powder Mixes

Tungsten Powders
Began production of our first co-reduced powders doped with Nickel, Iron and Copper for heavy metal production

New Equipment

New Equipment
Purchased our first laser diffraction equipment for particle size analysis

PC Controls

Implemented PC Controls on some of our pusher furnaces

First Original Furnace

Our first internally designed and constructed pusher style furnace began production

Spray Dryer

Began operation of our first spray dryer to achieve improved flow properties in our finished powders

New Air Classifying Equipment

Installed our first Air Classifying equipment to provide a narrower Particle Size Distribution in our powders

New Tungsten Variants

New Tungsten Variants
Designed and manufactured crushing equipment to begin the production of Granulated Tungsten and Crushed Tungsten Carbide

Thermal Spray Powders

Tungsten Thermal Spray Powder
Began production of tungsten based thermal spray powders

Improving Operations

Purchased a Hydrogen generator to produce our own Hydrogen gas through electrolysis to improve operational efficiency

Niagara Refining

Niagara Refining
Established Niagara Refining, a joint venture hydrometallurgy plant constructed within our existing facility to convert tungsten ore and scrap into Ammonium Paratungstate and Tungsten Oxides

Screening Stations

Screening Stations
Set up special screening stations to enhance our ability to meet stringent mesh specifications

High Purity Powders

High Purity Tungsten Powder
Set up equipment for the production of ultra high purity tungsten powders reaching 99.999% purity

Enhanced Marketing Materials

Enhanced Marketing Materials
Buffalo Tungsten launched a new website with revised technical data. We wanted to make things easier to find by emphasizing common applications for our different types of powders. We’d like to thank our partner Driven Digital, who specialize in manufacturer website design.

High Green Strength Tungsten Powder

We began producing high green strengh tungsten powder to eliminate the need for binders in many applications.