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Since 1987, Buffalo Tungsten has been a leading independent manufacturer and global supplier of high purity tungsten powder. We have a strong commitment to quality assurance, competitive pricing and short lead times. Because of our rigorous quality assurance system the powders we produce meet the highest standards of purity and consistency. We have over three decades of experience and maintain a sole focus on producing powdered tungsten materials through a hydrogen reduction process. We have supplied customers in over 40 countries throughout the world. In addition to pure tungsten powder, we also produce tungsten carbide powder and tungsten carbide based thermal spray powders.


At Buffalo Tungsten we're your partner, not your competitor. We don't make finished products, so our tungsten powders are used to produce your products without any conflict of interest. Our priority is making sure that you are successful by delivering the best possible materials for your applications. We produce standard tungsten metal powders tailored to a wide variety of industries. We produce custom materials to meet specifications for various chemical and physical properties. We will work with you to manufacture new blends to improve the performance of your products. If your products are manufactured with pure tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder, or tungsten carbide thermal spray powder, Buffalo Tungsten can supply your needs.

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Sandvik completes the acquisition of Buffalo Tungsten

In a press release issued Monday, 04 December 2023, Sandvik announced "Sandvik has completed the previously announced acquisition of Buffalo Tungsten, Inc. (BTI), a leading US based manufacturer of tungsten ...
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Tungsten powder has unique properties that make it the best material for many applications

Highest Melting Point

Very High Density

Low Thermal Expansion

High Mechanical Strength

High Electrical Conductivity

High Thermal Conductivity

Tungsten carbide powder has additional properties that give it advantages over other materials

Very High Hardness

Excellent Wear Resistance

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