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Buffalo Tungsten is a producer of high purity tungsten metal powder materials that can be used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. Our rigorous quality assurance program produces metal powders that meet an exceptional standard of consistency and quality. We are always willing to use over 30 years of experience to develop custom materials that will provide better results for your specific applications and manufacturing processes. Buffalo Tungsten is a supplier to a wide range of manufacturers in many industries. Our pure tungsten powder is also used as the base material in the production of our tungsten carbide powder.

In addition to the standard grades of tungsten metal powder described in our technical data sheets, additional processing can be done to achieve such properties as

  • Higher Density
  • Narrower Particle Size Distribution
  • Improved Flow Characteristics

Fine Tungsten Metal Powder - C3 - C20

Fine tungsten metal powders are typically greater than 99.95% purity with average particle sizes up to 10 microns.

Applications: Electrical Contacts, Semiconductors, Additive Manufacturing, Diamond Tools, Sporting Goods, Radiation Shielding, Defense, Heavy Metal Alloys


Coarse Tungsten Metal Powder - C40 - C80

Coarse tungsten metal powders are typically greater than 99.9% purity with average particle sizes from 10 to 50 microns. They have higher apparent density and better flow properties than fine tungsten powder.

Applications: Radiation Shielding, Diamond Tools, Abrasives


Crystalline Powder - C100 - C130

Crystalline tungsten metal powders are larger than the range of the Fisher Sub-Sieve Sizer, so they are classified by mesh size. They have high apparent densities and a more granular structure.

Applications: Energetics, Diamond Tools, Semiconductors, additive Manufacturing, Surface Coatings, Sporting Goods

Crystalline Tungsten Powder

Ultra High Purity - 5N

Ultra High Purity tungsten metal powders are typically greater than 99.999% in tungsten content. 5N or five nines is another way to designate this level of purity. Impurity analyses are performed by EAG labs using GDMS method for accurate low level results.

Applications: Semiconductors, Sputtering Targets, Thin Film Deposition

Ultra High Purity Tungsten Powder

High Density - SR and ST

The High Density tungsten metal powders in our SR and ST lines have apparent densities above 130 g/in3 and a minimum purity of 99.9%.

Applications: Radiation Shielding, Plastic Compounding

High Density Tungsten Powder

Low Grade - WS and WST

WS powders are a second grade tungsten metal powder specifically for non-sintering applications where the high density of tungsten is desired yet extreme purity is not required. WST powder has a larger particle size with higher density.

Applications: Radiation Shielding, Plastic Compounding

Low Grade Tungsten Powder

Granulated Tungsten - GW

Granulated Tungsten is an extra large sized tungsten material made from the crushing of sintered tungsten metal which is classified by coarse mesh sizes.  Custom mesh screenings are available.

Applications: Hard Facing

Granulated Tungsten