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Buffalo Tungsten offers tungsten powder products to meet the needs of a diverse range of industries. From tungsten gases used by global semiconductor manufacturers to adding weight to fishing line made in garages, Buffalo Tungsten can meet your needs.

Over the past 30 years, Buffalo Tungsten's powders have been used in a wide variety of applications requiring the highest quality materials. Our standard grade of fine powders are a minimum purity of 99.95% and our ultra high purity powders reach 99.999% pure. We meet specific customer requirements for physical properties such as density and particle size distribution.

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Buffalo Tungsten has provided materials for some of the largest manufacturers of electrical contacts. Our powders are proven to work well in circuit breakers and other contact applications.

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We can meet the rigorous quality standards of the semiconductor industry. Our ultra high purity powders are used in WF6 (tungsten hexafluoride) gas for silicon wafer manufacturing.

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The high density of tungsten (19.3 g/in3) makes it ideal for many shielding applications. Our standard grade of powders are used to protect from harmful radiation in medical, power generation and defense industries.

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The defense industry uses tungsten materials for some ordnance, shielding and balancing applications. Buffalo Tungsten is able to supply products to defense contractors or government agencies.

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Tungsten has become an important material in modern medical devices. Buffalo Tungsten offers solutions that work in x-ray and radiation devices along with other types of shielding applications.

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Hydraulic Fracturing, or fracking, is a means of extracting oil and gas from the below the surface of the earth. Buffalo Tungsten supplies materials used for bits and penetrators in the fracking industry.

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Tungsten powders are used in 3D printing applications, creating complex geometries that could not be made through ordinary pressing and sintering methods. As the technology develops this market will see increased growth.

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The high density of tungsten allows it to be used in ways that concentrate the mass to improve balance and spin in sporting goods applications such as golf. It is also used as environmentally friendly alternative In fishing and hunting.

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Buffalo Tungsten has supplied large manufacturers in the diamond tool industry for many years. We have worked with numerous companies to develop special blends to improve the performance of their products.

Tungsten powder is used to make diamind tools


Tungsten powders that are doped with nickel, iron, copper and other additives create heavy metal alloys that are used for counterbalances, bar and sheet, vibration dampening and a host of other applications.

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