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For over 30 years Buffalo Tungsten has been a producer of high purity tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder products. These products have been successfully used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. We customize our powders to meet specifications for both physical and chemical properties including particle size, particle size distribution, and density. Critical characteristics of our products are accurately measured at several steps in our manufacturing process in order to assure the consistent quality of our finished tungsten powders. This attention to detail allows our customers to achieve desired mechanical properties such as strength, hardness and wear resistance in the end products they produce. Our finished powders are screened and blended to achieve uniformity before being packaged and shipped. The care that we take for quality has made Buffalo Tungsten a leading manufacturer and supplier of powdered tungsten products. Our materials have reached a global market, with customers in over forty countries using our products.

Additional processing can be done to achieve such properties as

  • Higher Density
  • Narrower Particle Size Distribution
  • Improved Flow Characteristics


Chemical and physical analyses are performed throughout our production process in Buffalo Tungsten’s powdered metallurgy lab. Our lab tests are conducted in accordance with ASTM standards, and samples of each finished lot are stored with full traceability back to the source raw material. This ensures consistent high quality powders and compliance with customer specifications. A detailed certificate of analysis accompanies each lot which describes the following physical and chemical properties of the product.

  • Particle Size (FSSS)
  • Total Carbon
  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Free Carbon
  • Apparent Density
  • Screen Analysis
  • Tap Density
  • Chemical Impurity Analysis
  • Oxygen/Loss On Reduction
Leco CS 744


We offer tremendous flexibility in terms of packaging to meet the material handling needs for your products. All of our packaging is lined with clear polyethylene bags to assure the purity of our powders.


  • Up to 5kg - 1 gallon plastic pail
  • 5kg to 25kg - 3.5 gallon plastic pail
  • Over 25kg - Steel drums sized by quantity and powder type


After better understanding of your manufacturing processes, we can also provide specialty packaging for your products to better meet your requirements, such as

  • Packing specific amounts in small bags for batch sized quantities
  • Drums of specific sizes to accommodate your material handling equipment
  • Dessicants to reduce the absorption of moisture where there is high sensitivity to atmospheric humidity