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Buffalo Tungsten produces engineered tungsten powder materials that are alloys that include other metals in order to provide necessary material properties in your finished products. Our rigorous quality assurance program produces powders that meet an exceptional standard of consistency and quality.

Our standard engineered powders are used in high volume applications. WCS and WX matrix powders are used primarily in infiltration applications while our co-reduced powders are used in the production of heavy metal. We are always willing to use our decades of experience to develop custom materials that will provide better results for your specific applications and manufacturing processes.

In addition to the standard grades of powder described in our technical data sheets, additional processing can be done to achieve such properties as

  • Higher Density
  • Narrower Particle Size Distribution
  • Improved Flow Characteristics

Matrix Powders - WCS and WX

Matrix powders comprise a wide variety of powder types and powder sizes. WCS powders blend various metal additives with tungsten carbide powder based on customer needs while our WX powders are partially sintered mixtures of tungsten with a metal binder such as iron or nickel.

Applications: Infiltration


Co-Reduced - DNC and DNF

Co-Reduced tungsten powder is made by the addition of alloying metal powders to the tungsten oxide prior to the reduction process, resulting in higher green strength. Common additives are nickel, copper and iron in varying amounts.

Applications: Heavy Metal Alloys