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Tungsten Carbide Powder 1

Buffalo Tungsten produces high quality tungsten carbide powder that is used in many applications that require excellent hardness and wear properties. Some of the common applications for tungsten carbide include tools for mining and mineral exploration. Our rigorous quality assurance program produces powders that meet an exceptional standard of consistency and quality. We are always willing to use our decades of experience to develop materials that will provide better results for your specific applications and manufacturing processes.

Standard Tungsten Carbide Powder - WC

Standard Tungsten Carbide Powders range in size from 0.8 micron to 50 micron. Carbon content is carefully monitored to provide optimal results and blended into uniform, homogeneous lots.

Applications: Cemented Carbide Tools, Contacts

Tungsten Carbide Powder

MacroCrystalline Tungsten Carbide Powder - WCX

MacroCrystalline Tungsten Carbide Powder exceeds the FSSS scale for particle size measurement and is classified by mesh size. Special carburization techniques are used to ensure consistent, high quality carbide powders.

Applications: Thermal Spray Powder, Diamond Tools

Macrocrystalline Tungsten Carbide Powder

Crushed Tungsten Carbide - WCZ

Crushed Tungsten Carbide material is fully sintered tungsten carbide hardmetal that has been crushed and pulverized with sizes from 200 mesh to 1/4 inch.

Applications: Hard Facing

Crushed Tungsten Carbide Hardmetal

Cast Tungsten Carbide - WCY

Cast carbide is a mixture of WC and W2C carbide phases. It is formed by casting molten carbide with a rapid quench.  Cast carbide has high hardness and abrasion resistance properties.

Applications: Hard Facing

Cast Tungsten Carbide