Social Distancing Logo

Buffalo Tungsten has created a social distancing logo with a message of hope…

Our creation of this logo is a reminder that social distancing will help us to slow the spread of a deadly virus. It threatens the lives of many, especially those who are elderly and immune compromised.

Although there are bigger issues in our world at this time we remain ready to supply tungsten powder. Our customers manufacture essential products in the medical and defense industries.

Our hope is that this virus will pass soon and we will be back to our normal activities. In the meantime we will do our part to prevent further outbreaks. We will educate our employees and adjust the work conditions to allow for more social distancing.

These are temporary measures. The world has seen pandemics before and come through. With advances in medical research we are in better shape than ever before to deal with it.

It’s a time to stay home where possible. We will slow the spread and then we can enjoy time together once again. If we are all patient and be careful we will get through this faster. If we work together we will be stronger for it in the end.