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Buffalo Tungsten Inc. (BTI) has been a leading independent manufacturer of tungsten powder products since 1987.  Our highest volume products are tungsten metal powder and tungsten carbide powder, but we specialize in a number of additional products.  We manufacture WC/Co thermal spray powder as well as nanosized tungsten carbide powder.  We also produce various sizes of crushed tungsten carbide hardmetal.

Our commitment to quality and customer service have established us a leader in the international tungsten market.  We work with our customers to make their finished products better by fine tuning their specifications to achieve the best possible results.  Our powders are used in powdered metallurgy applications such as electrical contacts, heavy metal alloys, electronic heat sinks, mining tools and fabricated tungsten rod/bar.

We purchase tungsten raw materials, including tungsten ores and concentrates, APT, and tungsten oxides.  We also purchase tungsten carbide scrap for the production of crushed carbide in various mesh sizes.

To learn more about these and other products, visit our tungsten product catalog.

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