Tungsten Scrap Recycling

Tungsten Scrap

Buffalo Tungsten purchases several types of pure tungsten scrap for recycling. We feel that it is a win-win-win proposition.

It is a way for those who produce tungsten scrap to receive value for materials that might otherwise go to waste. Reclaiming these valuable materials is a benefit to our company as a source of raw material. Recycling also reduces impact on our environment. It lowers the amount of tungsten ore the needs to be mined every year to meet the global demand for tungsten products.

Types of Tungsten Scrap

Buffalo Tungsten does not recycle tungsten carbide (WC) products. However, many other companies are able to provide this service for tungsten carbide materials. As a result, we focus on scrap from parts made with pure tungsten powder or tungsten alloys.

One of the most common forms of material that Buffalo Tungsten recycles are machining or turning chips of tungsten alloys. The chips come from the machining of heavy metal parts.

Tungsten powder scrap and floor sweepings are also materials we can use. If you have spills or waste from your process, we can purchase these powders.

In addition, we take some types of scrap tungsten powder that has been compounded with plastic or rubber. Certain types of tungsten based slurries will work in our recycling processes as well.


The nature of each stream of scrap materials is different. We need to analyze your specific scrap products to determine if they are a fit for our recycling processes. If you send an assay or a small sample we can determine if we are able to purchase your waste materials.

Contact us to see how we can help you get value for your pure tungsten powder scrap. Send us photos of your waste from tungsten alloy parts to see if we can process it. We would be happy to assist you in seeing that you are able to recycle as much material as possible.