Tungsten Matrix Powder for Diamond Bits

Tungsten and tungsten carbide powder are important in producing diamond bits and tools. Fragments of diamond are set in a matrix of various types of tungsten powder and other materials.

Diamond is one of the few materials harder than tungsten carbide. This makes it great for drilling and cutting hard materials, but even diamond bits get dull and wear out. Diamond is expensive, so it’s cutting capability must be optimized.

The goal for tool manufacturers is to have the bit wear evenly so that the diamonds fall out right when the get dull and new, sharp diamonds will be ready to cut somewhere else in the bit. If the diamond falls out too soon it is costly. If it remains in too long, the diamond bits will not cut efficiently.

That is why the right mix of tungsten, tungsten carbide and other materials in the matrix holding the diamonds is so important. They need to wear at the same rate that the diamond dulls to provide the best value.

Example of Diamond Bits

There are several types of bits that use diamond as the cutting surface. One common type takes core samples. A diamond core bit is hollow in the middle to remove a core of rock or concrete in the shape of a cylinder.

Engineers might use core samples to evaluate the strength of the foundation of a building. Environmental studies might use diamond bits to look for evidence of past spills or leaks. Geologists use them to determine what types of rock is in the ground for mining or oil and gas exploration.

Buffalo Tungsten produces engineered tungsten matrix powders that work well in diamond bits. We understand that the properties of our powders are important to the finished diamond bits being produced. Our tight quality control assures that our customers get tungsten powder materials that will work well in matrix applications.