ITIA Membership

ITIA membership

Buffalo Tungsten has applied for membership in the International Tungsten Industry Association (ITIA). We have filled out the membership application and also have letters supporting us from several member companies. Following the formal application process, the final step is a vote of the current members of the ITIA at the next annual general meeting. It will be in Brussels, Belgium in October. Tungsten is a small industry, therefore we already have business relationships with many of the member companies. As a result, we are hoping that the existing members will accept us into this esteemed organization.

ITIA Membership Goals

According to their website, the goals of the ITIA are

  • to promote the use of tungsten and tungsten products
  • to co-ordinate the extensive work programme of the ITIA Health, Safety and Environment Committee, including:
    • regulatory and classification issues,
    • monitoring proposed legislation, 
    • developing scientific data on the impact of tungsten on human health and the environment,
    • in response to the EU’s legislation “REACH”, ITIA has set up a Tungsten Consortium which is open to Association members and non-members alike
  • to organise regular meeting for the tungsten industry worldwide
  • to collate from different sources, comprehensive statistics covering tungsten production, processing, consumption and end-uses and to circulate an annual statistical report to its members.
  • to collate and circulate on a regular basis information relating to the ITIA’s activities and to arrange for publication of a periodic newsletter
  • to liaise and exchange information with other metal trade associations.

Refractory Metals Association

We have been a member of the Refractory Metals Association (RMA) since the beginning of 2021. This is a trade association of North American manufacturers. The purpose of this organization is “to promote and expand the markets for refractory metals.”

Buffalo Tungsten has been producing tungsten powder products for 35 years. In addition to domestic sales, we sell tungsten powder in international markets, with sales in over 40 countries. We feel that our company is finally mature enough to be able to contribute to relevant trade organizations. As a result, we feel it is time to join the trade associations that allow us to help promote the industry and move it forward.