Independence Day

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! This national holiday has special meaning to all of our customers, suppliers and employees in the United States. To observe the holiday, our office will not be open on Monday, July 5. The concept of independence has meaning to our business for a few reasons.

First, we consider ourselves to be an independent tungsten powder producer. This is because we do not use our material to make finished parts. All of the powders we produce go into the products that our customers make. If we were making the same products that our customers do, we might want to keep the best powder blends for our own use. Our independence allows us to supply the very best materials to our customers without any conflict of interest.

Second, over the past decade we have built a chemical plant so that we can have independence in our supply of raw materials. We can purchase a wide variety of materials, allowing us flexibility in our sourcing. Some of the common options we have are

  • tungsten scrap (hard scrap, compounding scrap)
  • tungsten ores and concentrates (wolframite or scheelite)
  • sodium tungstate
  • ammonium paratungstate (APT)
  • tungsten oxides (BTO or YTO)

This independence on raw materials allows us to purchase from many different sources. If one raw material becomes scarce we can purchase others to meet our needs and maintain supply to our customers.

4th of July Independence Day

Third, our products are reduced to tungsten powder in America. Independence Day celebrates the freedoms that we enjoy. The rule of law governs business transactions as a protection to both buyer and seller. There is a feeling of safety and security that allows us to focus on our business operations without fear. We are free to conduct business operations without undue government control.

The 4th of July holiday celebrates the political independence of the United States from England. At Buffalo Tungsten we had a cookout with hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch today to celebrate this. In addition, we can also celebrate the types of independence that allow us to be a successful company. We are grateful to able to supply our customers with high quality tungsten powder products from the peace and prosperity of a free nation.