High Density Tungsten Powder

High Density Tungsten Powder

When we have a new driver from UPS on our route, the weight of a small pail of high density tungsten powder often surprises them. You see their arm drop as they pull it off the table for the first time. They prepare themselves for the extra effort and are ready for the second pail.

Tungsten has a high density. Many products are made with tungsten because of this property. If tungsten already has a high density, why does Buffalo Tungsten manufacture a special line of high density tungsten powder?

Our standard fine and coarse tungsten powders have apparent densities from 20-120 g/in3. This is fine for most products. However, extra process steps can push the density over 130 g/in3. As a result, the powder can reach a density as high as 165 g/in3.

Uses for High Density Powder

There are several properties that make tungsten a critical element. For instance, the high mechanical strength of tungsten is important in many products. In addition, the high melting point makes it attractive for other uses.

The products that rely on the density of tungsten often desire the highest density possible. For example, high density tungsten powder is great for radiation shielding. It can also focus the mass and increase weight in some sporting goods and other products.

Improving Density

Although all tungsten powder has a high density, Buffalo Tungsten uses production methods to improve it. We produce our high density tungsten powder to meet the market demand for this important specification. We will continue to test new ways to push the limits to further improve the density of our powder.

As we improve the density in our powders, new markets will emerge. With higher densities there will be new products in additive manufacturing, for instance. As high density tungsten powder goes into these and other products, the tungsten market continue to grow.