Electrical Contacts


Buffalo Tungsten has been supplying tungsten powder for electrical contacts for over two decades. Contacts are the metallic points that come together to complete a circuit. When they are in contact, electricity can flow through them. When they are not in contact, the flow of electricity stops.

Circuit breakers are a common household example of electrical contacts. There are also many commercial and industrial uses for tungsten contacts. In other common products they are on motors in appliances. They are also on relays and switches for control systems.

Electrical contacts are typically made from a highly conductive metal such as silver or copper. These metals blend with tungsten powder to improve their resistance to wear and oxidation. Tungsten carbide powder is in various types of contacts as well. The high melting point of tungsten provides some protection from high temperatures.

Manufacturers press and sinter the contacts into their shape. The quality of the tungsten powder has a large impact on the quality of the finished products. Be sure to get tungsten powder for contacts to get the best results.

Contact us for more information about tungsten materials that can improve the performance of your electrical contacts. With many years in the industry we have seen many product applications.