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Quality Control Lab

Chemical and physical analyses are performed on each lot of tungsten powder in Buffalo Tungsten’s powdered metallurgy lab. This ensures top product quality and compliance with customer specification. These tests are conducted within ASTM standards using some of the most modern equipment available. A detailed certificate of analyses accompanies each lot that is shipped.

Industry standard tests that are conducted on most powders are:

  • Fisher Sub-Seive Size (FSSS)
  • Lab Milled FSSS
  • Scott Density
  • Tap Density
  • Oxygen Loss on Reduction
  • Total Carbon on Leco Carbon analyzer
  • Free Carbon

Chemical Analysis

AAChemical analysis is done on a Baird emission spectrometer or a Perkin Elmer Aanalyst 200. The Baird has the capability to read to an accuracy of +5ppm (parts per million) on 22 different elements. The Perkin Elmer AA is used to measure higher concentrations of elements , from 100 - 0.01%



Physical Analysis

Particle size distribution(PSD) can be analyzed on a Malvern Mastersizer S or a Micromertics Sedigraph. The sedigraph has been an industry standard for analyzing the PSD using x-ray monitoring of gravity sedimentation (ASTM B761). The Malvern uses a laser diffraction technique (B822) to produce a wider analysis range from 0.1 to 200 microns.



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