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Tungsten Carbide based Thermal Spray Powders

Buffalo Tungsten manufactures several types of tungsten carbide based thermal spray powders in our WCT series.  We can also develop new blends of thermal spray powders to meet customer requirements. 

WC/Co thermal spray powders manufactured by BTI are an agglomerated and sintered material which provide a dense, hard coating with excellent wear properties at low temperatures. These powders use BTI’s own tungsten carbide powder as the base material to provide superior coating properties.

WCT-12Co  - WC thermal spray powder with 12% cobalt

WCT-17Co  - WC thermal spray powder with 17% cobalt

WCT-10Ni  - WC thermal spray powder with 10% nickel

WCT-10Co4Cr  - WC thermal spray powder with 10% cobalt and 4% chrome

WCT-20CrC6Ni - WC thermal spray powder with 20% chrome carbide and 6% nickel

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