Made in America

If you have a need to source tungsten powder products that are Made in America, Buffalo Tungsten would love to be your supplier. We provide a high quality, competitively priced alternative to foreign sources. Buffalo Tungsten has only one location and all of our operations are in Western New York. We are one of a very small group of companies that can supply tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powders that are truly Made in America.

There are companies that import tungsten powder from other countries and sell them in the United States. Just because materials are repackaged and sold by a US company does not mean that it originated in the United States. If the products have not undergone a substantial transformation (e.g. chemical reaction) they maintain the origin of the country in which they were produced. For example, if you purchase material from a US trading company that imports tungsten powder from China, there is a good chance that you are not using material that is Made in America.

It is true that we bring in raw materials such as tungsten ores and concentrates from other countries because there are no active tungsten mines in America to meet the demand in our country. However, the materials that we import undergo a substantial transformation to tungsten powder through chemical reactions that alter their composition and use. This allows us to issue a Certificate of Origin listing the United States of America as the country of origin. A very basic overview of our process shows some of the transformations that take place.

If you need confidence that your tungsten and tungsten carbide powder products are Made in America, look no further than Buffalo Tungsten to meet you needs!